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Hippo Cleaning Services Reviews:

"I have a male cat. Got it from a dear friend and now I'm stuck with caring for him.

You know what male cats do? Male cats think they own your home.

They spray EVERYWHERE.

It's embarrassing to ask people over since I have to cover all the evidences of the cat under rugs and other pieces of furniture.

So I searched the net and found Hippo Cleaning Services. I was impressed by the customer service rep who was friendly and their rates are very reasonable. They cleaned my carpets and did a really good job. The house smells great! And I looked for stains and could not find them. The carpet looks even newer than when we first moved in!

I highly recommend this service. They are worth a call."

Lea G.

Professional Work

"I chose to book this carpet cleaner because they use eco-friendly products. I scheduled my appointment over the phone. They arrived promptly were very polite, efficient and did an excellent job. My off white carpets were in terrible shape and now they look spectacular. They also took care of some deep stains for a very reasonable price and moved light furniture around for me free of charge.

As they are a very efficient service make sure you go over all the cleaning you want done up front with the rep. My three rooms took 65 minutes.

Thank you Hippo Cleaning Services"

Todd M.

Efficient, high quality service providers

"I called Hippo Cleaning Services after my neighbor recommended them to me.

They were very professional. More then most services I have encountered in a while. I didn't expect much since I was let down by service companies on more than one occasion. They were above and beyond in terms of customer service and getting the job well done.

They had no problem booking me in even though I asked them to come on a short notice and were very polite.

The scheduling was prompt and they called to confirm. Arrived right on time.

The technician explained to me the entire process. He found spots which I was not aware of them and made me feel like he cares for my home. As if it was the only place he ever cleaned. Apparently there were a lot of stains where my friends hang around which needed extra treating. Knowing this face now. I will make sure to have some paper towels to clear red wine spills sooner.

They estimated a very reasonable price on the phone and yet I noticed that they threw in some extra services without charging. The fact that they worked very hard to get all the stains out rather than just running through was awesome."

Sarah F.

Well Done

"Can't say enough good things. Professionals to the bone. Quick and efficient and did a great job. Call them 412-212-3700".

Rashid B.

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