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Rug Cleaning

Care to get your area rug cleaned and restored to top notch condition?

Hippo Cleaning Services has the right solution for your problem. Rugs are not just meant to beautify your home although they do provide an added value to any balcony or entrance. Rugs have a unique ability to filter the air we breath. The rug captures dirt and dust particles in the air and also in our shoes. Dirt which we drag from outside is trapped in the rug and helps us keep our home cleaner.

Green Cleaning

Green rug cleaning is a method of cleaning based on only green care products. In this unique procedure no toxic residue is left in the rug and no harsh chemicals are used. Keeping the environment clean and the air of our home fresh.

Hippo Cleaning Services cleans your rugs only with the green cleaning method. For further info on which products are used. Please contact our office.

Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning

We specialize in extra fine carpets such as Oriental and Persian rugs. These special woolen kind of rugs requires special attention and a qualified experienced rug cleaner. Do not try to clean these rugs by yourself as you can harm them beyond restoration.

Free Pickup And Delivery

Hippo Cleaning Services has formed a free pickup and delivery service for your rugs. We come to your house and roll the carpet in a special air tight vacuum bag and take it back to our cleaning center. There your rug gets a special inspection by our experts and then cleaned and restored according to the state it is in. In most cases we can restore it to factory default condition. But in some cases we can't and then we will call our clients for further instructions.

Your carpet will be delivered to your house in 3-5 days wrapped in perfect condition. So you can store it or place back to your living room.

To order a rug cleaning with free pickup, please call 412-212-3700

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