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Do your carpets need cleaning? We offer a professional carpet and rug cleaning service to ensure a cleaner better life.

There are many types of carpet cleaning methods employed by our carpet cleaners. The type of carpet cleaning method has to suit the carpet material for maximum efficiency.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Furniture upholstery, rugs and carpets give a room its character and add aesthetic value to your home or office. Unfortunately they can accumulate dirt over time and become source of allergens and disease causing breathing problems.

Thus getting carpets cleaned regularly with professional cleaning equipment is part of their maintenance. Our team of Carpet Cleaners can impose the following cleaning methods:

Steam cleaning / Hot water extraction - This process is performed by a truck mounted cleaning machine. Hot water is injected into the carpet and then extracted along with dirt later on.

Bonnet Cleaning - A water based cleaning solution is applied onto the carpet through a pump sprayer. A bonnet or clean pad is rotated on the surface. Dirt from carpets get transferred into the bonnet.

Dry particle method - a mixture of solvent and dry carrier is applied onto the carpet surface and left to soaked for 15-20 minutes. Then the carpet is vacuum cleaned and the dirt extracted.

Shampooing - A rotary brush scrubber is used to dispense cleaning solution into carpet. Which is extracted along with the dirt later in the process.

Carpet Cleaning Pittsburgh

Carpet Cleaning Pittsburgh is now ready to offer you a wide range of house cleaning services. Our great reputation in the Pittsburgh area allows us to provide even more great services to your house and office.

We believe that carpet cleaning is just not enough. For a complete house overhaul you have to also clean your rugs and air ducts and do not forget about cleaning grout and tiles.

Carpet Cleaning Pittsburgh has years of experience in dealing with all of the above and more, we know how to handle water damage emergency's and have the right truck mounted equipment for any of your home or office needs.

Why clean your air ducts?

Air duct cleaning has become a big issue in Pittsburgh because we now care much more about the air we breathe and about IAQ (indoor air quality). Cleaning your air ducts is now a must. When you will see what comes out of your air duct you just won't believe it there can be small dead animals. and a lot of dust and soil and even debris. Just think about it for a moment this is the air you inhale!

Not cleaning air ducts can result in breathing conditions with small children and even headaches and more health conditions. Do not let it become a health risk. Deal with the problem today.

Why clean your Grout and Tile?

Grout and tile cleaning is essential not only because you paid a lot of money on your tiles. Tiles tend to absorb a lot of dirt especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Because of mold and black mold that tend to accumulate on the tiles and between them in what is called grout.

Mold is known as causing a lot of medical symptoms and black mold is even worse and can cause nausea and headaches. We provide steam cleaning options for both Grout and Tile which will not only clean them but also sterilizes the area and makes sure you will not have similar problems in the near future.

Carpet Cleaning Pittsburgh has the right knowledge and experience to help you make your indoor environment much more pleasant and healthy, Call today at 412-212-3700 for a free estimate / representative consultation.

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